The Road To Cobo

The Road To Cobo

Talking XICW and Cobo History

 COBO HALL first opened its doors in 1960. Originally it was built to be the home court for the Detroit Pistons. Cobo also became the Detroit home to concerts and bands like Deep Purple, Joni Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Prince, Yes, and Kiss who recorded most of their live album "ALIVE" here.

Even though pro wrestling dates back to the 1920's as the Detroit Territory, it was The Original Sheik who brought Big Time Wrestling to Detroit and Cobo Hall. Cobo Hall was known as "The House The Sheik Built". The Sheik and Big Time Wrestling also became a genre of pro wrestling that would change the business. Violence became commercialized by being the main attraction at Cobo Hall.

Professionally wrestling changed in the 80's. Big Time Wrestling hit a decline and Cobo Hall no longer held pro wrestling every other Saturday.

Fast forward thirty five plus years later and Michigans longest running promotion has decided to bring their roots back to "The House That Sheik Built". Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling was started in 2000 after a fallout between a father and son. "Sweet Daddy" Malcolm Monroe was running ICW all over Metro Detroit. Keeping professional wrestling alive after his run with The Sheik and Big Time Wrestling. Malcolm Monroe Jr. (aka The DBA) split ties with ICW and started his own promotion XICW. To this day XICW is the staple of Detroit Pro Wrestling.

XICW has been running Metro Detroit for the last seventeen years. It started in a bar at the height of the Xtreme era of pro wrestling. Blood and violence are what XICW set as the foundation of their company. They then moved to a hall where they adapted to the more Intense hard hitting and high flying era in which much of today's success is being built. Now, finally, XICW is on its way to the biggest pro wrestling venue in Detroit; Cobo Hall. Here we will pay tribute to the Championship Wrestling that gave us our roots.

That's right on Saturday October 7, 2017 XICW is bringing pro wrestling back to Cobo in the heart of Detroit. The best in Detroit pro wrestling is returning home with some of the best talent in the world to be featured. The Monroe legacy will be on hand as Michigans fan favorites and only father and son tag team The DBA (Malcolm Monroe Jr.) and his son MM3 (Malcolm Monroe III) will be in action. Speaking of Legacy, another Michigan legacy will be represented at Cobo, as The Sheiks nephew, ECW Original, "The Homocidal, Suicidical, Genocidal" Sabu will be there. Michigan Native, childhood cancer survivor, and one legged pro wrestler Zach Gowen will also be in action. Another ECW Original is set to appear at the historic Cobo return, Shane Douglas will be on hand to represent the extreme nature of Wrestling that originated at Cobo. Also set to appear Abyss, Jack Swagger, PJ Black, and the most hated duo out of Detroit, The Insane Clown Posse will all be in action.

Along with their hard hitting action from world traveler wrestlers and home grown talent, XICW is also hosting a legends convention. This convention will feature many names from Cobo's hay day as well as the Stars of XICW and talent from all over the world. Along with the names mentioned, the convention will see the likes of Manager extraordinaries Bobby "The Brain" Heenan and Jim Cornette. Former Midwest Heavyweight Champion "Big" Jim Lancaster, Ricky Johnson, as well as "Irish" Mickey Doyle to headline the convention. More will come in the following weeks.

As of late Professional Wrestling has begun to peak once again. On Saturday October 7, 2017 XICW is making history being the first Indy promotion to run Cobo in over thirty five years. XICW is bringing nostalgia back and teaming it up with the innovation of today's art of professional wrestling. This is a can't miss event that will go down in Pro Wrestling History.

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