About Us

Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling was the incarnation of all of the good that was happening in professional wrestling. In the year 2000 a lot of things were uncertain. One of them was the future. However, the future was the only thing one man was looking into. The future of Michigan Professional Wrestling to be exact. First and foremost was the Xtreme. Blood, violence, and destruction were the epicenter of the company.

In the past we've seen ultra-violent greats like Deranged, "Mr. Insanity" Toby Klein, Mike TSG, Bill Skullion, Ian Decay, Sabu, New Jack, Ian Rotten, Mad Man Pondo, Necro Butcher, Brain Damage, and the heart and soul of XICW "The Most Dangerous Man In Michigan" The DBA.

Next came the Intensity. Powerful, high flying, and fast paced action of the young and hungry. Those who did anything and everything to make a name for themselves in professional wrestling. The guys who used being told "you can't do that" to their advantage and did it while making it look good. Guys like Jimmy Jacobs, Colt Cabana, Jaimy Coxxx, Gavin Starr, Truth Martini, American Kickboxer, Tarek The Great, TD, and "Amazing" N8 Mattson. Champions are what make a company. Leaders, winners, and heroes. Not everyone started as champions. Eventually they became champions. World Champions, Midwest Heavyweight Champions, Tag Team Champions, Xtreme Champions, and Lightweight Champions. They got a start here. Rhino, CM Punk, Sexton Hardcastle (Edge), Christian Cage, Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin), and The Outlaws. Wrestling is an adapting sport. Everything is in constant change. Old School, technical, brawler, powerhouse, high flying, and hardcore. This is what makes XICW great.

This is what makes XICW the longest lasting professional wrestling company in the state of Michigan. The ability to flow with the change. Our past is being defined by our future, and the past is still influencing the future of XICW professional wrestling. The Scarbonis, Orlando Christopher, Zach Gowen, Gavin Quinn, Movado, Joe Coleman, Dominique Fabiano, Taeler Hendrix, Idris Abraham, Jake Something, Hakim Zane, and the third generation star MM3. Every event puts you on the edge of your seat and coming back for more. XICW is the company that bases their success not only off of the talent in the ring but the fans that keep us alive.